Tuesday, May 08, 2012

a meal planning craft

A few weeks ago at MOPS we made the cutest Meal Planning craft!!
 Since it was so simple, I just had to share a "how to" with you.  
 All you need is an 8x10 picture frame, some scrapbook paper and a dry erase marker.  I used 2 pieces of paper to give it a fun look but one piece would be fine too.  We had a "What's for Dinner Stamp, but you could always type it up on the paper to get the same affect.  
 That's it.  Super simple huh? And so cute!! I use it every week now!!

Oh and that other little cute craft......I made that at MOPS too!! It's just a piece of painted wood with a clip and ribbon glued on the top and a peg in the back to make it stand. 
Yesterday was our last MOPS meeting and I'm sooooooo going to miss my (every other) Mondays with my sweet Mom friends.  I'm already looking forward to September when we start back up.  

And because no post is complete with a picture of my little man........  
I don't want Pearson to be addicted to TV, but just recently I've been able to get him to sit {or sometimes stand} in one place and watch a 15 minutes Baby Einstein video.  It's nice to not have to chase him for a little bit!!


Christine said...

It looks like I might finally get into MOPS in the fall! So excited!

The Gann's said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the meal planning craft! I THINK I could do that! HA... I was going to buy something similar at Canton for about $35! Thanks SOOO much for sharing!

p.s. Your little man is such a cutie! P and him really should meet!