Sunday, May 27, 2012

ellie's pool party

Yesterday we celebrated Miss Ellie Grace's 8th birthday with swimming, fajitas, and lots of family fun time!!
We love hanging out at the LeBlanc's house!

Their backyard is so fun!
After me and P-Man swam, we watched Daddy play some water volleyball.
Look at the concentration. 
Matt is so good with all the kids.  I can't wait until Pearson is in there splashing around with them!
Pearson loves his Aunt Jenn and Grammy!
While we were hanging out, I gave Pearson a snack trap full of Cheerios and Baby Goldfish.  
Every time he picked out a goldfish, he would eat it.  Every time he picked out a Cheerio he would put it in his reject pile on the cushion next to him. 
Silly boy!!

Bryan made THE BEST fajitas for dinner, but we had to go home early to put Pearson to bed so we missed out on the birthday cake.  
We loved getting to spend part of our three day weekend with our family.

**Thanks to my SIL, Nicole.  I stole a few of her pictures!!


Darci said...

Adelyn picks out the cheerios too, silly kids! :)

never heard it called a snack trap before...but i love it!!