Wednesday, May 30, 2012

iPhone rewind {may}

iPhone picture dump on 3.


Little stinker on the run (or crawl) with my sandal.  He does this all the time!
 Pearson plays so well all by himself at night before bed.  It's so cute to watch him read his books. 
 Cousins at the pool
 We saw lots of animals and insects on our walk one day including this moth and caterpillar. 
Pearson woke up from his nap one day with little black specks all over his face.  He had been chewing on his crib.  Grrrrrr....
 I love bed head and blue eyes. 
 We saw Kirk Cameron at In-N-Out!!
 A lady from church has a cupcake business out of her home.  When she makes too many she sells the extra through facebook.  One evening I picked up 2 Cookies N Dream cupcakes for us.  SO YUMM!!
 Just chillin' in the window sill. 
 Lolly came to Story Time with us one Friday!!
 Pearson loves having goldfish for snack.
Pearson's new hobby is rearranging all of our kitchen chairs. 
 Pearson can't get black beans in his mouth fast enough!!

 I had to wake Pearson up the other day (which I never do) and he was soooooo not ready to wake up.  


Darci said...

the cupcake looks amazing!

and that last pic of P is too funny.."mom please just let me sleep"! :)