Thursday, May 17, 2012

engage sunday

A few Sundays ago our church did do church "at church" like we normally do.  We filled up our sanctuary in green ENGAGE shirts.
We worshipped together then our pastor sent us off into the community to "go & do".  I love that our church loves to serve our community.

Our ABF worked in a re-sale shopped and helped the owner sort through clothes....
Hang pictures
Organize clothes racks
Move furniture
Sort through inventory
Clean out the back room
Clean the store
Organize shelves
Clean out shoe racks
Mr. Phomas was so wonderful to work with.
It was a wonderful morning serving our community with our ABF. 


Darci said...

Very cool!

We have a similar ministry at our church called R.O.C.K (Reaching Out with Christs Kindness).

Anonymous said...

We used to be members of your church, and got married there a little over 10 years ago. (Bill Ferrell married us.) I enjoyed these pics - haven't seen Gary in forever!