Sunday, May 27, 2012

HELLO, sunshine

Today was such a beautiful sunny day, so this afternoon after church we had a little family date to the pool!!
It was Daddy's first time to join us!
This little guy LOVES being at the pool!
He was really lovin' that Daddy was at the pool with us!
And I was lovin' that Daddy was there too because I was able to capture all his sweet smiles. 
He was so proud of himself for walking around with Daddy.
I really thought the pool would be a madhouse with it being Memorial Day weekend, but there was barely anybody there. 
We had the little kiddie pool all to ourselves. 
We had such a fun afternoon at the pool!!
I'm so glad I get Matt home for one more day tomorrow!


Alisa said...

So glad you guys had this pool time together. You make such a sweet little family. Love you guys!!1

Darci said...

i had the same thought about the pool being packed for the weekend...i bet that was a nice surprise!

PS katy you look great, I've been meaning to tell you that a few posts back. are you losing more weight?