Thursday, May 03, 2012

thursday=pool day

For the past three Thursdays we have gone to the pool, so I think we are just going to declare Thursday as Pool Day!!
This little guy loves to play with his trucks.  Is he not all boy or what?
 We met Ashley, Carson and Olivia today.  My Mom and Dad even stopped by to see all the kiddos!!
Going to the pool isn't quite as relaxing as it used to be, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  
 I'm just glad my little man enjoys being outside as much as I do!
 I just loved spending the afternoon with these three cuties!!!
 Pearson was SOOOOOO tired when we left the pool.  
{Is it just me or does he look HUGE in his stroller.  I am so not okay with him growing up this fast!!}
We ended up staying for almost two hours.  And he's actually still taking a nap!! Going on 2+ hours!!

So technically Thursday=Pool Day=Awesome Nap Day

I love it!!


Darci said...

how fun!! that is so great that the cousins get to play together!

And how nice that Pearson took such a good nap!! I'd agree w/you...Pearson does look pretty grown up in his stroller...our babies need to slow down!!

Natalie said...

Hi Katy- I am a friend of Meg and the Boys, so this is how I found your blog. Do you mind me asking where you girls found your swim suits? I always have such a struggle finding one that is cute (and not old-ladyish) but not overly skimpy. Both of yours are perfect! Thanks!!

Lindsay said...

I can't wait for our pool to open!

Alicia said...

What a super fun outing! I'm sure both the kiddos as well as you ladies had a great time! Enjoy your Thursday pool days:)

Alisa said...

Pearson does look big in his stroller. He is just growing up too fast!