Friday, May 11, 2012

being a new mom

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Hi, I'm Katy and I have the privilege of being Pearson's Mommy!!
Pearson is almost 11 months and is the light of mine and my husband's life!!
And just for fun here's a few random things I've learned since being a Mom for the last {almost} 11 months. 
1.  You can't go anywhere in a hurry.  There is inevitably a poopy diaper, a meltdown, or you realize you forget something before you even get out of the door.  Once you are finally out of the door it's impossible to run in and out of a store since you have to get the baby in and out of the carseat and stroller.  So a baby forces you to slow down.  And that's really not a bad thing.

2.  Even though a baby slows you down, life has never seemed to go so fast.

3.  I have a new appreciation for my own Mom.  You just don't realize how much they did for us until you realize how much you do for your own child.  

4.  I can totally see how so many Moms get "frumpy" after they have a baby.  Shopping is practically impossible with a baby and I feel so selfish buying things for myself these days.  Everything little is so cute and I would much rather shop for Pearson than myself.  I'm determined to not become a "frumpy" Mom though. 

5.  Every Mom is going to tell you how they did things and how they think you should do things.  I love getting advice from other Moms, but I take every piece of advice with a grain of salt.  I don't have to do things like every other Mom.  It really is true that Mama knows best.  I know what's best for my baby and it might not be what's best for some other Moms baby.

6.  Don't judge another Mom or say never, because you don't know their story or situation.  Being a Mom is hard and there just isn't enough time in the day to judge one another.  We should all just be supportive of each other on this journey.

7.  Being a Mom is the most wonderful, scary, challenging, amazing, trying, unbelievable, frustrating, time-consuming, yet oh so rewarding job I have ever had.

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Erica Ladwig said...

Great post! Loved the one about not judging other Moms...boy, is that so true! Oh the things we learn! :)

kimmie said...

YOur pics are gorgeous!!! Pearson is a cutie!! I have an 11 month old too!! So much fun!!

Alisa said...

So thankful that you are my precious Pearson's mommy! Love you Katy and wishing you a wonderful 1st Mother's Day.

Ashley said...

All of this is so true! How is he 11 months already?!?

Anonymous said...

Hi! New follower:) this is such a cute post, your right life really does fly by, and your family is adorable :)