Tuesday, September 03, 2013

pearson's 1st day of preschool

Today was Pearson's 1st Day of Preschool.

 He was jumping with excitement this morning!!
 I'm super excited about him being in a true preschool program this year.
They go to Chapel, Music and Spanish everyday and they don't take a nap!!
His short naps at Mother's Day Out this summer were a real bummer because
he came home a grump because he never took a long enough nap.
Now that he doesn't take a nap at school, he will come home
exhausted and take a good nap for me!!
 Daddy is home all week while he is in between jobs, so he got to accompany us to our regular Tuesday Chick-fil-A breakfast, drop off and pick up.
We picked up Pearson's new back pack (or as he says...."tack-tack") from my parent's house yesterday and Pearson wanted nothing to do with it on his back.  He loved the mixer on it but he refused to wear it.  As soon as we pulled up to his school, he heard another Dad asking his child if he wanted to put on his back pack or carry it.  Immediately Pearson started saying "Tack-Tack, Tack-Tack, Tack-Tack."  He hopped out of the car and put it right on.  He just needed to see someone else do it!!

 He was pretty proud of himself carrying his backpack and lunch box.
 I can't believe he's old enough to start preschool.
 Such a big boy opening up the door and walking in all by himself.
When we got to his classroom he dropped his bags right in the doorway and ran to the big bucket of cars.  No tears and not even a hug or kiss good-bye.  They encouraged that parents stay out of the classroom so I ran in for two quick pictures and stole a little kiss and we were off.  I'm so glad that he loves to be at school!!
Pearson's teacher said he had an awesome day! He got a stamp in his folder and everything!!
One of the greatest things about his new school is that they have a carpool line.  They actually don't let anyone in the building in the afternoon for security reasons, so our only option to pick him up is to either walk up to the doors and wait or use the carpool line.  I'll definitely be using the carpool line!! This will be so nice when Baby #2 comes in February.
After we picked him up we celebrated his 1st day of preschool with a delicious treat at Dairy Queen......with a BOGO  coupon of course!!
And you all know I just love a good comparison picture........ 
Check out my little tiny 14 month old and now my big 2 year old. 
What a difference a year makes!!

It's going to be a great year!!  I can't wait to see him learn and grow this year!!


Alisa said...

Oh my goodness, my youngest grandchild is not a baby any more. That child is so adorable. Love his back pack and lunch bag that Lolly made. Has Tried and True added back packs? He will definitely be the most stylish preschooler with those!

Lindsay said...

He looks so cute! Glad he had a great first day. And that pick up line is going to be so wonderful in a few months!!