Sunday, September 01, 2013

baby no. 2 {15 weeks}

how far along? 15 weeks
how are you measuring? Right on track.  I was measuring one day ahead in my sono. 
size of baby? size of an apple
heartbeat? 180's bpm (at our 13 week appt)
total weight gain/loss? -1.0 lbs
maternity clothes? No maternity clothes yet.  All of my shorts are starting to fit perfectly.  No more loose fitting shorts.  I'll probably have to bust out the Bella Band soon since my maternity stuff is still too big. 
stretch marks? Just a few faded ones leftover from my sweet first born!
sleep?  I fall asleep so fast at night.  I usually take two bathroom trips a night.  I'm taking less and less naps and when I do they are just cat naps.  
best moment this week?  This sounds terrible, but we found a new home for Izzie.  I'm excited to have found a new loving home for her!!
movement? I'm pretty sure I felt a few very little flutters this week.  I'm hoping they are a little stronger this week so I can really know they are flutters and kicks!!
food cravings? I keep forgetting to mention that I have to have a glass of Cran-Apple every single morning. If I don't I start to feel sick.  I was the same way with Pearson, except I craved Orange juice instead of Cran-Apple
gender predictions? This week I'm leaning towards boy.  Honestly, I just go by my dreams.  Last week I had lots of dreams about having a girl and this week I only had one dream and we were having twin boys. Most things have been so similar to Pearson's pregnancy.  All the differents have been so subtle.  But who knows?? It could be a girl. We find out in three weeks!!!
what i miss? I miss working out. I keep saying I'm going to start back up but I have just been so busy.  I would love to say I'm going to start this week, but we have  another busy week upon us. 
what i'm looking forward to? I'm looking forward to spending the entire week with Matt.  He is off work all week before he starts his new job on the 9th.  We've got some fun things planned and we've got some projects around the house planned.  I'm just excited to have his company this week!
how are you feeling? Starting to get some of my energy back and not really feeling sick unless I need to eat. 
comparisons to last pregnancy? My belly seems so sensitive this go round.  I don't like any pressure put on it.  

Here I am 15 weeks with Pearson and 15 weeks with Baby No. 2.


Alisa said...

Glad you and Matt are having this week to spend together. You look great. Can't wait to know if we're having another precious grandson or a little granddaughter.

Lindsay said...

You look great! I can't wait to hear what you're having!!